Are you considering of moving to Australia and reuniting with your family? If so, then you have come to right place because we have several years of experience in securing family visas for our clients who either have family that are citizens or permanent residents of Australia. It is definitely a feeling of accomplishment and rejoices when you are reunited with your family after a long time. That’s why we strive to offer our clients this exact feelings by taking care of every aspect concerning family visas. We ensure a streamlined visa process that guarantees instant results, enabling you to join your family in Australia as soon as possible.

If on the other hand, you are interested in sponsoring your spouse, we can help! Your partners can be eligible for visas only if their migration purpose is to:

  • Get married (fiancés)
  • Reunite with their married partner (de jure)
  • Live with each other in a de facto relationship

We strive to offer our valuable clients with a fast, personalised and cost-effective service at all times. Here are some visa categories that we provide assistance with:

Carer visa (subclass 116)

  • Features: This visa is applicable for someone who needs to move to Australia to provide assistance and care for a relative who has a long term or permanent medical condition and cannot support himself or herself physically. You can also travel on this visa to assist the relative in providing care for a family member who requires permanent or long-term support.
  • Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for this visa, you should have a relative or family member in Australia who needs physical support due to their medical condition. There is no other family relative living in Australia who can provide that assistance and your relative is willing to sponsor you to come to Australia. An assessment has been arranged by with Bupa Medical Visa Services by your relative.

Adoption visa (subclass 102)

  • Features: This visa is for adopted children outside of Australia to come and live with their adoptive parent in Australia.
  • Eligibility criteria: The child is living outside Australia and is below 18 years of age. He is already adopted or his adoption is in process and is being sponsored by his adoptive parents who live in Australia.

Parent visa (subclass 103)

  • Features: This visa allows Australian citizens to bring their parents to Australia if they permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand who has settled in Australia. This visa can sometimes take up to 30 years to get approved.
  • Eligibility criteria: You are sponsored by your child and meet the balance of family test.

Child visa (subclass 101)

  • Features: This visa allows children to come and live with their parents in Australia.
  • Eligibility criteria: Your parents who are Australian citizens can sponsor you even if they reside outside Australia.

Prospective marriage visa (subclass 300)

  • Features: This visa allows prospective spouses to come to Australia for marriage.
  • Eligibility criteria: You are eligible for this visa if you plan to marry someone who is an Australian citizen and is a permanent resident of Australia.