I’m really grateful for the outstanding service I got from Mr. Entel Dajsmaili. He did a wonderful job in my permanent residency case; He was extremely knowledgeable and was always ready to answer any question I had during the process. Thank you for helping to make the dream come true!


You saved my life. I will never forget standing in the airport and being told by the immigration officials at 4:00 pm on a Friday night that there was a problem with my mother’s paperwork and they were returning her to Europe instead of letting her go through immigration and come home with me. The odds were completely against us when we placed an emergency call to you to help us but somehow you did. Now not only is my mother here but we have been able to obtain her PR! Your help was invaluable, you did a great job! Thank you for all the work you did to bring our family together.

Louise M

Just a note to say thank you for everything you have done since day one that I came to your office. You and your staff are very professional, attentive, thorough, and caring.


The greatest and unique migration agent!
The words cannot express our admiration for Entel and everything that you have done for our family. Entel Dajsmaili is a brilliat, greatest immigration agent and wonderful person.

Saphira. L

Attentive and thorough immigration agent.
Entel is an incredibly attentive and thorough migration agent. His knowledge of the immigration law is vast. With a myriad of cases behind his belt he has rich reference experience. Entel is able to both comfort and alert his clients while maintaining admirable professionalism

David, L

Entel Dajsmaili is an Outstanding Migration AgentL
My case was extremely difficult and a waiver was needed to get an approval. A friend of mine found migration agent Entel Dajsmaili and gave me his number. Mr. Dajsmaili took my case and worked with such care, dedication and professionalism that you can only find in books about unique migration agents. Extreme hardship waiver was approved and I got my visa.

Grewal, S

I thank God for leading me towards Entel Dajsmaili, because he made my immigration case like i was his family, seriously, and honestly. He was with me on the phone 24/7, step by step helping me how to put my proof together, giving idea, suggestions. Finally, i have permanent residence on my hands.

Lee, C

Hardworking, smart and knowledgeable migration agent who is really caring about his clients, that what I can tell about migration agent Entel D. After Entel’s detailed evaluation of my case and submission of my documents it got completed and approved in 4 months without any complications. Now I am an Australian citizen. I am thankful for his devotion and dedication to my case.


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