Our History

Migrating to another country is an exciting venture full of possibility. Yet with so many legal hurdles to consider and overcome, it’s an experience that can be frightening, confusing, and in some cases, daunting to take on.

Edwina Consultancy International PTY LTD (ECI) was originally established in June, 2003, as an education agency in Adelaide, promoting Australian education to international students around the globe. These global connections gave ECI a desire to further share the beauty of Australia, and in 2006, the Principal of ECI, Mr. Entel Dajsmaili, became a registered migration agent 0641441 with Mara office.

With this step, ECI took on the goal of removing fear and confusion from migration. We offer thorough, sound advice and consolation on all legal matters concerning your migration, with personalized options and educated insights on the best approaches for you. Our highly educated and experienced professionals offer a friendly hand in evaluating your unique circumstances and creating the most satisfying results, so you can make the transition into this new stage of your life legally, comfortably, and confidently.

ECI has been in business for ten years, providing legal immigration advice to prospective migrants, students, and business people from around the globe. We offer only the most expert and well-rounded legal advice, staying abreast with all local and national alterations so that the guidance you receive is precise, certain, and contains no surprises later on. It’s time you begin enjoying your Australian experience, and we’re here to make paperwork just one simple stop along the way.