About Us

Mr. Entel Dajsmaili immigrated to Australia from Europe in 2001 as an international student, with a drive that eventually developed into Edwina Consultancy International PTY LTD. As the Principal of ECI, Mr. Dajsmaili exercises his passion to help prospective applicants from overseas migrate to Australia, whether for study, visiting, business, marriage, or work, so they can experience the success and unique culture Australia offers.


As a registered migration agent with Omara, holding a Bachelor’s degree and honor degree in Political Science and International Relations from Iium, Mr. Dajsmaili’s broad set of skills and working history bring something to the table few other migration agents can.


Mr. Dajsmaili holds a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Adelaide. As a member of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Mr. Dajsmaili puts this passion into practice by bringing intelligent and well-rounded expertise to immigrants making the same journey he’s undertaken.


Having earned a Certificate in Small Business Management at Mission Australia in 2004, Mr. Dajsmaili set to developing ECI’s reach and ability. His specialized experience in Australian Real Estate equips him to offer first-hand advice regarding living and working spaces, employing the affiliations developed during this time.


As an accredited Naati Professional Interpreter and Translator, Mr. Dajsmaili possesses fluency in several languages, a talent which served him as a translator for government officials across the world in a diverse range of foreign offices. From 2001 to 2007, he operated as an interpreter for the Government and Private Sector all over Australia. This passion for other cultures and bridging the gaps of communication equips Mr. Dajsmaili with the expert ability to make the migration process stress-free and efficient, ensuring clients receive the most specific and educated legal guidance.


Moving to and living in a new country is a fascinating and rewarding experience. Why should it be a complicated one? ECI and its Principal focus on eliminating some of the confusion and frustration, so the challenging roadblocks between you and your new life in Australia are resolved expertly. International students, business people, and those looking to migrate full time can benefit from the guidance of a company centered on international education, a precise understanding of different cultures, and a drive to accomplish one thing: migrating easily, legally, and with peace of mind.
With that purpose, ECI offers precise and diversified advance, and continues to expand the services it offers.